Monday, July 30th, 2012

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It's finals week, and I'm not going to be OK until Friday. Each test is 200 Questions and if it's a continuation(ish) of last semester's class, stuff from January up until now will appear on the tests.

We started with Microbiology and Funeral Home Directing. The Micro final was described as "nasty", and it sure was. The first 100 Questions were from Semester One, thankfully, but the second set came from the 100+ microbes, their pathogenicities, common names, AKAs, portals of entry/exit, modes of transmission, and the AKAs for their pathogenicities. Stuff like

-The organism Yeseria Pestis's mode of transmission is?
-What is the AKA for the disease given by Aspergillus Fumigatus?
-Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is caused by (choices are not the names of organisms, but "Bacillus? Streptococci? Streptococcus? Staphylococcus?)
- Q-Fever is caused by (A Rickettsia? A bacteria? A Virus? A Chlamidia? A Spore Former? Two of these? None of these?)
- Psittacosis is transmitted how?
- Franciella Tularensis is (Viscerotrophic? Pneumotrophic? Three more Like This? Two of these answers are correct? None of these are correct?)

I think I did alright enough.
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I'm not optimistic about those last three finals. I realize that in these entries it's customary to comment with the "you can do it!" messages, and that's very kind, but I'm not going to take them well. I'm doing my best, but fully expecting a Bad News Phone Call on Monday or Tuesday saying either

(A)"second chance final?"
This is the preferable of the two, I suppose. Since these finals are literally One Half of our Final Grade, if the final wasn't high enough for a passing grade (75%) then a student can take a second chance final. That's if you failed, at maximum, two subjects. Three Subjects and forget it. And lest we forget, Even if a student got A's in everything else, if their final grade in one class is, say, a 73? That's the end of the line; they'll have to re-take that entire semester. I'm thinking that the Dreaded Phone Call will come about Anatomy and/or Path.

(B) "See ya in January!"
And even this I'm gearing up to face. Yeah, it's that bad.

I've got so many feelings about how this all came to pass, and they're the type that unless explained in tl;dr detail, look really, really bad. I'll let them out on the 9th or so, when I know my Final Disposition.

I sure could use some Hardcore Lovely Distraction on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, so I'm camping on Gtalk on that day. Except maybe Sunday. Sunday, I'm thinking of taking a Soma Vacation, so that at least if Hell comes on Monday, I'll be too doped up to care much.


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