Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Flowers in the Attic

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 10:59 am
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Still tryin' to fix my computer so I can get my Draw On.

Book One: Flowers in the Attic
Really enjoyed this one; it might be my favorite in the Dollanganger series. If you enjoy "slice of life" type stories about people just existing, you'll enjoy this one. Lorelei King is a great reader.

Book Two: Petals on the Wind
Honestly, I'd say this was my least favorite book in the series. It's amusing in that it manages to go at the Older Man/Younger Woman trope from every single angle- adoptive guardian, teacher/mentor, rescuer, upperclassman, step-dad (ish).

Book Three: If There be Thorns
Author: V.C Andrews
Reader(s): Lorelei King

This book is told through the eyes of Cathy's sons- the handsome, talented Jory and his disturbed younger brother Bart. Boy is there a lot of talk about corporal punishment of children. They don't ever go into any detail or even start to or anything, but it boarders on gratuitous sometimes as in "You could really take out three or four mentions and nothing would be lost."

Book Four: Seeds of Yesterday

Book Five: (Prequil): Garden of Shadows

A discussion on LJ about the books. This was way too much fun, even though we were ripping on the books hardcore. How, you might ask, can you enjoy this junk? This LJ comment explained it best:
Andrews wrote junk, but it was consciously messed-up junk. She didn't pretend that stalking was Twu Wuv or sociopaths were selfless.

That's all I ever ask. If you're going to write about stuff, just be honest. Admit when your characters have flaws and do messed up stuff. It's one of the hardest things to do, but be proud of their flaws in the "I made you complete" way, and let them be proud, even unapologetic of their flaws, too, in the "I'm doing it and I don't care/it looks fine from my perspective and I can't judge myself" way.

Catherine, Christopher, you two are brother and sister!
"Yeah. AND?!?"
"What's it to you?"

You're sleeping with your blood sister, dude.
"Yup. Watcha gonna do about it?"
"Come at me, bro. *Ho ho ho C Wut I Did There?*"

Dude! That's incest!
"U Mad?"
"He mad, bro."
"Y U Mad Tho?"
"Haters gonna hate."


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