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Dreamwidth is alright, but there's something that feels really... wide and clunky about it. I hope more people will migrate to Dreamwidth so we can all be together. The first step is making your new home look pretty.

First, add the layer "Smooth Sailing" to your Dreamwidth page. This is the best tutorial I've found for adding it.

*Note: It said I reached the maximum number of layers, so I deleted "Stepping Stones"

This is what it looked like before I was allowed to make a new layer.
( Link to the text you're supposed to paste

The custom layout-ening
In this case, Paper Works by Ruthenia.

On the custom CSS page, paste the code from Ruthenia's Drop Box into the Custom Style Sheet.

She said to click "display". Don't listen to her- click "Presentation".

In the presentation tab, do change "Userinfo Position in Entries" to "Right Side"

And while you're there, check those two boxes, too.

The directions get a li-i-ittle bit... obtuse here. Go to sidebar

She said "enable any four blocks". She's talking about what you want to get displayed up here

I picked these four because reasons

And then everything else, I picked "hide"

Then, in Entry Text, I pasted this eldrich scroll- %%d%% %%mon%%, %%yyyy%%

After I hit "save", I went back to custom CCS to find that it had blanked itself, so I re-pasted the code from her page

WOW... that is not pretty. I'm going back to sidebar and changing some stuff. So the problem boxes are Profile, Page summary, and entry tags?

Yeah, but... what happens when I do... this?

That's not bad. You can probably play around with it a little bit without destroying your LJ. Leave a comment to tell me if I accidentally your dreamwidth. (No, but srsface, if it's not working for you or you need another screenshot tutoring to get the layout page right, tell me, otherwise it was all for no raisin.)
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