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Guardian and I were having a chat on the ol' LJ and it made me want to re-find the article she was talking about. A Google search for an old mod's name plus "fandom_wank" later and I realize that a lot has happened in five years.


Let's see here... click *Mumling and reading archive*

Well, F_W has gone up a few spaces in my book- I can't tell which "side" the poster is on just from the post, so that's good... *click* Deleterius is gone?! DA FUQ?!

*More reads* Deleterius has its own tag? click ... What's this one? click ... Wow, so Tviokh isn't actually beloved and revered and respected? No, I'm not kidding, I really thought she kinda was. It looks like people here think she's just... well. They don't seem impressed by her. *reading on*

Wow... reading this makes me realize once again how awesome the ONTDCreepy Mods are. They listen to us and respect us. Tviokh never really did that. It was always kinda Perma-Angryface and you were either on her good side or on her bad side.

"Good for me. My community and out of nearly 2000 people"... Yeah, see, this is what I meant by using the community as her own personal army slash temple to awesomeness. I never had a run-in with her, but that was coz I saw what run-ins with her did... hrmm... of course, this post was made by someone directly involved in the drama, so it's not exactly biased. Wonder what the comments will bring. Maybe 'Viokh is more beloved than I think. 'Course, if she deleted the community, it might have just been a vanity thing. Or an "I'm bored so I don't care who's having fun DELETE thing. Let's read on...

"There's nothing wrong with the colors; not sure what messed up sort of monitor you have" Mmm... bratty, snarky, sneering, nasty, that's her alright. Wait, but this is in her personal LJ, so that's another matter entirely... still on par, though. Well, 'least she's consistent in her rudeness.

*Reading* Gosh why would anyone who was in here voluntarily put this up? I'd only put something up if I was on my very best behavior and not name calling or swearing. I don't even know anymore! Onto the comments. ... Anon sides with Tvi. Replies... unbiased, so far. Can't tell who is taking a side. Will that change?

... No, I'm serious, I really can't tell what side half these comments take. Maybe it's because it's 1:58 AM or maybe it's just too old to care about, but I'm having a hard time following.

*Reads on* HA! HAHA! It's not just me! Captain Ecchi says "I can never remember if we're supposed to love or hate tviokh here at F_W"! Maybe now I'll get my answer! ... Oh, Tvi has her own journal there? Well shoot, this complicates things more.

*Intermission* For those of you who don't speak fannanese (and I can't imagine why you'd read this then) if Tvi didn't have a journal and membership to FW, it'd mean that L was posting this "behind her back". Since Tvi does have a journal and is capable of making posts there, this means that she is either a regular community member or someone alerted her. IF she is a regular member AND L knew that, THEN this post's Passive Aggressive Level has gone up to two notches just shy of "unjustifiable spite sniping". Back to our show.

When we last left, I was about to discover the answer to the Love/Hate Tvi question. And the winner is...

You know, maybe it's hard to tell because I don't have an opinion on her myself. Yes, I found her unkind and tactless and internet tough guy at times, but also, she was the mod on a journal I used to visit several times a day. And since then, I've learned to think about the faces off of LJ. So I'm not just thinking of "the rude entitled mod". I'm thinking about the woman who goes grocery shopping and loves her dogs and loses her keys and has a life outside of H.P. Not trying to be "holier than thou" either- it's weird but I genuinely remember going to her profile ages ago and seeing that she was a part of a community called Raw Dogs which talked about home made raw food for dogs.

Iunno... the Potter Wars are over, so it's easier to do that now. ... Guess I really have moved on. ... Well shoot, that makes this a lot less fun! *Mumble-read more* Never did get a clear answer on the general community attitude. ... DA FUQ?!?! JIM SMITH WEIGHED IN?! No, no, it can't be the same... no. Really? Good lord, I didn't know he even cared about wank and stuff. He seemed so above it. Like he and his brother were sitting there like "y'all fans be craycray". I'm learnin' all sortsa things here.

I forgot what I was even looking for and it's 2:16 AM.
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