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(Warning: I apologize to my f-list tumblr users, red state residents, and other people)

Yes I'm a girl and I play video games! That warrants a mention or six!
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Hey. Look. I'm sure that in your tiny little ass-backwards ho-dunk, never-seen-an-ethnic, pizza-hut-is-haute-coture state you're real speshul, but up here in New York where I come from, it's no big deal to see a female being a geek or nerd, playing video games, in a bookstore, in a comic book store, or doing anything like that.

I know that in your little house on the prarie, stuck in the 50's town where you all attend public school and think getting California rolls is the closest you'll ever get to Japan and where there's an actual "ethnic foods" aisle in your grocery store an it has tacos and rice, you're a reeeeal rebel, princess, for not wanting to wear dresses and for reading books, but I'm from New York and you're a quaint peasant.

And I know it's not your fault that you were born in Bumblefuck Nowhere and that when Pa went to town for some twine and rock candy and a bolt of fabric so Ma could make you a new dress, he also brought you back an internet connection and now you want to tell everyone. I realize that in your town all the boys and men are ass-backwards and genuinely hate women and that some of the boys you see in your one room schoolhouse every day also have Pa's that brought back an internet connection, and yes I know that your world doesn't extend past your little house, but guess what? You're not likely to meet those boys from your One Room Schoolhouse when you're on the internet (because your one-electoral-college-vote state just got Wi-Fi and it doesn't work when it's raining or when a child gets is playing hoop-and-stick and the hoop gets caught in the wire). So guess what? Not all the men in the world are like the brother-husbands and uncle-dads that populate your home. Most male people are actually quite nice. Only people who are truly unhappy inside can bring themselves to be mean to another human being, and I suppose that since there's nothing to do in your crappy little backwards state other than get drunk and ruin your life with teen preggersness, there's not much to be happy about, but here on the coast where we have subways and public transportation, nobody is being rude to you because you're a female and we don't hate you because you're a female. We hate you because you're making eye contact with us.

Shut up is what I'm saying.

(My new method of dealing with this nonsense- founding a new type of discrimination. State-ism. New York Privilege; I has it)

Date: Sunday, July 7th, 2013 02:43 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] barsukthom
I'm sorry, you're keeping with Tradition. New Yorkers have ALWAYS been pretentious Statists. ;>

Actually, that was something i noticed when we Went East and passed through GCS; Newyorkers were "rude" because they were going from HERE to THERE and they had exactly NO TIME to do it in and NO SPACE to go around; here they're rude out of lack of consideration or just being jerks.
(And that Massachusetts drivers are INSANE)

Date: Sunday, July 7th, 2013 02:45 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] barsukthom
Of course, whenever I hear "Red State" I want to put a big hammer'n'sickle on my state flag....

Date: Sunday, July 7th, 2013 04:05 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] go_dog_go
go_dog_go: Garibaldi from "Babylon 5" miming holding a gun to his head (bab5: shoot)
The West Virginian in me (and he is a sad little thing, all skeeter-bit and covered in ticks) would like to commence in the trolling in his own way by throwing empty Bud Lite cans at these people, and then shooting at the cans.

The Bostonian in me wants to readjust his thick-framed glasses and take a half-step up onto a soapbox to point out that New York Staters and New York Cityers are not the same thing (that the Staters I've met seem to have more in common with the Laura Ingalls Wilder posse than them highfalutin' cityfolk), and that New Yorkers don't have the market cornered on this particularly snobby privilege. But then I'd just come off as having the small-dog complex that Bostonians seem to sometimes have when it comes to NYC.

I am glad you are alive and we should have a phoooone caaallll over next weekend when I have time because I have to go RIGHT NOW to get this fucking puppy out of my house and then walk a giant bruiser of a dog and then come home and sweat out my sorrows


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