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This is a reply to Guardian's excellent, fun, entertaining post smacking the Sexual Privilege Checklist. Crossposted at Dreamwidth because Livejournal, you so ugly now.

I already mentioned on Guardian's journal that when it comes to orientations, Asexuals are the 1%, to put it in "Occupy Wall Street" terms and that stupid checklists are popping up because of Tumblr Social Justice Asshole McCarthyism.

From the Asexuality Tumblr:

I’m envisioning the creation of a new tumblr to gather examples of sexual privilege. Stories could work too. I am really excited about this project but I definitely couldn’t take it on alone (also, I suck at images). Let’s do this while it’s still boiling our blood!
And there we have the biggest problem with all of these checklists. They're not based in thoughtful emotion, they're based in emotional thought- and there's a huge difference between the two. It's not about education or making a change or making anything better. It's about being angry and yelling and feeling put-upon and having a contest to see who suffers the most. Why "do this while it's still boiling our blood"? Because once things are settled and given thought, it becomes clear that we are not oppressed. We're annoyed, irritated, exasperated, bothered, and bored with the endless questioning, but oppressed? No.

Let’s create a resource so the next time the sexual privilege argument comes up, we can slam our checklist down on the table! Let’s DO THIS!!
"Let's get our proof ready so next time everyone's crying about how hard they have it, we can join in so they won't suspect us of being happy, because as we all know, this is McCarthyist Internet and if you're found guilty of being happy, you're automatically assumed to be part of the problem."

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The first three tests (Microbiology, Anatomy, Funeral Directing) went incredibly well. The one we had on embalming on Friday... not so well. Fortunately, I'm not the only one.

Our very first test was on the history of embalming, and wow, is there a lot of history. Who invented the Trochar? Who got caught photographed embalming in the Civil War and made it so that we have to get licenses? Who invented embalming fluid? Who was the first black embalmer?

Professor M must've known we were worried, because he trolled us gewd with the first test. I kid you not, these are some of the items in the "match the name to the things" part of the exam:

"Discovered Capillaries"
"Invented the Trochar"
"Father of embalming"
"Father of modern embalming"
"Embalmed Lincoln"
"Did none of these things"

And then this one: "Derp's Catacomb is named after him" with Joe Derp and William Derp right next to each other as options in the names column.

The first black embalmer was a man named Prince Greere. The other class had that as a multiple choice question. With the other answers multiple spellings of Greere, including "Green". I could practically see the trollface/rage comic spawning from that. I'll probably make it one.

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