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Friday, January 24th, 2014 11:24 pm
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I haven't updated in a while... so today I think I'll explain the personalities of the different numbers.

I never told anyone at the time, but when I was learning to add and subtract, the numbers had personalities. Most of them anyway. I honestly don't believe I gave them the personalities intentionally. It was just the way they felt based on their shape or something about them.
Neatly Labeled Number Rundown )
I'm just now learning that this is supposed to be a form of synesthesia. If it is, it figures that I'd get the lamest form. I'd really like to have one that was associated with colors. The only real synesthetic moment I can really remember was in high school orchestra. I accidentally played a super loud note on the trumpet. Since I was quiet and nervous about playing, everyone turned around and was trying to be encouraging about it.

I was looking horrified, I'm sure and was staring at the ground, and I'll do my best to explain why. To me, the sound had the physical form of a giant, heavy soap bubble/water balloon. My eyes and my feet and the rest of my body were telling me that a big water balloon had just been dropped on the floor and it had sloshed over everything. I remember thinking "Oh my God, but it was so wet it's sloshed all over everything!" And I wanted to look up and say "But it's all over everything! Why are you cheerful? It went splosh and it got all over...!". Like a big paint ball. I didn't have the words to describe it, though, so it didn't seem like anything I needed to say.

Anyway, I wish I had more synesthesia like that. The numbers thing is just annoying. Although I'm sure glad letters don't have personalities or colors. That'd be a friggin disaster.

Let's talk about it! You have any stuff like this or similar? I miss our discussions.
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Harpsiccord:I gotta google that first so I can remember
NopeNopeNopeNope not googling nothing from our talks ever again nopenopenope I ended up in the weird part of
TehTyrarr: LOL
what did you find
Harpsiccord: I don't wanna tell you or you will hate cereal
TehTyrarr: ....
Harpsiccord: No...
Bad fiction.
Now /anyone/ can write it.
Harpsiccord: Ok, not bad, I take it back
Just... really... self indulgent.
Harpsiccord: Started there anyway.
Thanks to "customers also viewed this" I ended up at titles such as "There's a Demon in My Butt!" and
Harpsiccord: and holy SHIT there are a /LOT/ of stories about "human dairies"
DaFuq man DaFUQ
I half wanna read one just to know what the hell kinda narrative is in them
And half of the descriptions involve "special potion"

What Harp and Tyrarr Saw )
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This is a reply to Guardian's excellent, fun, entertaining post smacking the Sexual Privilege Checklist. Crossposted at Dreamwidth because Livejournal, you so ugly now.

I already mentioned on Guardian's journal that when it comes to orientations, Asexuals are the 1%, to put it in "Occupy Wall Street" terms and that stupid checklists are popping up because of Tumblr Social Justice Asshole McCarthyism.

From the Asexuality Tumblr:

I’m envisioning the creation of a new tumblr to gather examples of sexual privilege. Stories could work too. I am really excited about this project but I definitely couldn’t take it on alone (also, I suck at images). Let’s do this while it’s still boiling our blood!
And there we have the biggest problem with all of these checklists. They're not based in thoughtful emotion, they're based in emotional thought- and there's a huge difference between the two. It's not about education or making a change or making anything better. It's about being angry and yelling and feeling put-upon and having a contest to see who suffers the most. Why "do this while it's still boiling our blood"? Because once things are settled and given thought, it becomes clear that we are not oppressed. We're annoyed, irritated, exasperated, bothered, and bored with the endless questioning, but oppressed? No.

Let’s create a resource so the next time the sexual privilege argument comes up, we can slam our checklist down on the table! Let’s DO THIS!!
"Let's get our proof ready so next time everyone's crying about how hard they have it, we can join in so they won't suspect us of being happy, because as we all know, this is McCarthyist Internet and if you're found guilty of being happy, you're automatically assumed to be part of the problem."

Companion to Guardian's Entry )

Smells Like Garbage!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 10:17 pm
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This is a reply to a friend's entry about the "book" series Fifty Shades of Twatlight Fanfiction written by a Despie Loser For Whom the Guillotine Would Be Too Swift. I mean Fifty... no. Not going to sully my page by writing that here.

For those of you familiar with the BS series 50SoG, I encourage you to comment with your thoughts on the series. A good long cathartic complaint.

My Reply to our thread )


Thursday, August 4th, 2011 12:33 pm
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Promise I'll get back to my drawing and links and fun things next post. This one's sort of important.

While I don’t know what most of you look like, I can think of only three perople on my Flist who might relate to what I’m saying (because I’ve spoken to them directly about it). I swear that the entry’s only reason for existing is to say this- “Here are some downsides I’ve noticed regarding my weight”.
I mean, I'd like it if someone on my flist read this and for the first time got to open up and have a happy!bitching session about being skinny, and I'd like it if someone read this and it reaffirmed a "healthy is the real ideal" (or "thin isn't a rose garden") mentality, but I'm keeping the goals real here. And even though this is my journal, if I said something you thought was wrong, tell me. I tried not to use the word "fat" because... Iunno, it kinda feels like a "that's our word" kinda thing.

The last thing I want this entry to look like is this. Hell yes I’m asexual. Hell no, I don’t think I’m “oppressed”. I know I’ve got it pretty good as far as sexualities and genetics. I know that the unkind remarks made about my weight are really lacking. I know that there are plenty of people that wish they had my “problem” of having long bouts of disliking food.

Harpsiccord journal entry explaining the dangerous/emotional side of my weighty issue. Click it if you get too mad at this entry.

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[ profile] dancingcarrot21 posted a meme about Fandoms as Lovers, and the answer to the question about the cruel lover was, for her The Harry Potter Fandom!!!. She ranted beautifully, and when I went to comment, it was so darned lengthy that I made it into a post instead. I suggest... no, I ask you very kindly to skip this entry if you aren't familiar with the moldy, scum-and ejaculate-covered locker room shower drain of the Harry Potter fandom. It's wanky, rabid, and the truth is, unless you were in the forums during the release of OotP through Deathly Hallows, it's really not going to make any sense to you. Really, it doesn't make sense, but when you're in it, for those few hours, it makes a world of sense. To put it into internet terms, "it was srs bznss at the time!"

Instead, please enjoy the latest Harpsiccord Entry about the morgue. Or Fill out the RPer Friending Meme if you haven't! You don't have to be looking for a game to fill it out.

Carrot (and everyone else who did a tour on LJ, FictionAlly, and Journalfen), lets get ranty. P.S- Carrot if you want me to delete your quote or use a different one, tell me.
Fandom is a Battlefield )
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But First you have to sit through my Drawin'... )

That's not watcha came here for. You came here for
The Roleplayer Friending (:D) Meme

Copy-Pasta this code into the comments and fill out. Erase any questions you don’t want to answer. Read the other comments. Comment on others' comments. Chatter and spam my journal talking to one-another. Come back whenever you like. Pick up new RPers. Make friends. I am excite.

There is no such thing as “late” to this meme, so don’t even.

Edit: I forgot to ask you for your genres and the editor was being a sunuva, so... I've added that now.

Edit #2: Roving Commentary )
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Have you gotten a chance to listen to Lady Gaga's new song?
I sure have. (Excess stuff is behind the cuts; feel free to skip)

I felt like Lady Gaga wrote it just for the rainbow crowd. She did, of course, but I mean as a gift to us.
Society + Gay = OTP )

Because of all of that, at some point in my mind I twisted "Born This Way" into something it was never meant to be. I wasn't thinking of it as a song at all, but as a weapon.
Rainbow Ray Gun! )

I wasn't thinking of myself or my musical tastes, but about what other people would say and think. I count three ironies.

The lyrics leaked a few days ago. I read them and instantly I was apprehensive. I mean, even I couldn't ignore how... how "in your face" they looked. Oh, Gaga, how can you make this work? I thought. I wasn't excited. I was disappointed by how heavy-handed it was. How would this be received?

As it dawned on me that I'd have to listen to it, too, I began to feel afraid of how much I'd like it. My musical tastes vary, but if I don't like a song, it'll take an act of severe psychology for me to give it a second try. If I didn't like Born This Way, I'd have to wait another lifetime to get another mainstream radio-played song that mentioned GLB explicitly. And I could just forget about hearing a song which says "transgender".

Why this song was so important )

Finally, as I tried to draw, I thought "screw it, don't save it. If you build it up, it'll never live up to your own hype."[2] So I played it for the first time.

My eyes were tearing up. Not kidding.

There's nothing to say about the song as far as I'm concerned. I don't want to build it up or try to sell it to people who have not heard it. Hell, I don't even want to sell it to people who heard it and find that it isn't pleasing to their ears because of their musical tastes.

I like it. It's relevant to me. Therefore, this song is for me. That's all.

I will say that reading the lyrics cold and judging the song based on just that (even if you plan to change your mind and give it a chance after) is a bad idea, and I regret my impatience. With the music, it makes so. Much. Sense.[3]

A lot of the fans on [ profile] thehausofgaga were disappointed with the song, which I understand. It's more happy, more 90's pop, and that doesn't sound good to everyone's ears. And heck, there are a lot of Gaga's songs that are popular that I just don't like (like all but four of "The Fame Monster"...). I feel really sorry for the fans who were disappointed in it because I saw how long they waited and how excited they were. Letdowns suck. It's not as though they can help not liking it. We can't choose what we like (as Gaga said!).

Hey... y'know, I just realized that if I hadn't liked this song, I wouldn't have disappointed her! Even if it was a gift! 'Cause the gift is saying "you don't choose what you like, you just happen to like it because that's how you are!"

Oh, Gaga, you brilliant Mama Monster who loves us all so! I probably won't like a few songs on the new album either :3

That being said, there will be people that I'll have to defend this song to. Not the ones who say "I don't like this song" but the people who have commentary beyond "it's not my musical style."
Warning- If you're on my Friends List, NONE of this applies to you. ) As for me? The song helps me. I like it and when I'm upset, I'll probably need it. And I'm not the only one who feels that way. Dislike Born This Way all you want, but please keep it at "I don't like it ". Remarks about the lyrics being "bad" are about as called for as taking the "I believe in and love you" note someone's parent/guardian put into his backpack and saying "this is drivel".

[1]First idiot who says "What about Katy Perry?" in seriousness and isn't trolling (who doesn't love a good lol Trolling?) about it is going to get an earful. Seriously- love it or hate it, if you don't understand that "I Kissed a Girl" is offensive, you need to ask someone.
[2] By the way, let me say that on reflection this is the kind of song that shouldn't be built up. Ever. It's a song that should find someone who needs it. If it's built up, it won't work. You need to be alone and it just come on. Then it's just like a needed voice telling you "hey, look, you're ok. ... And shoot, I am really glad it didn't find me like that. If I was feeling miserable about my issues and turned on the radio and this came on and I heard it for the first time, I'd cry hard.
[3]I'm glad I read the lyrics first because i would've been actual crying if I didn't know already what was coming somewhat. Though I wouldn't understand half of what she was saying.
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My sleep schedule is fecked and nothing ever looks as good as it did the night before. I wondered where my patience (recent thing) had gone, and then I realized just where (you know, Jack). Rrrgh.

I'm sorry my Northland lovers, but I've expanded my job search. Now I'm looking for hospital jobs in New York as well. Also considering Mortuary school very, very hard after speaking to a mortician who very strongly recommended I go to Worsham.
No1curr LOL )

Doesn't look as bad as it did a few seconds ago...

*"if it makes you happy/is what you want" doesn't count as a thought XP
** Before you ask, FFS, no I have not ever seen Six Feet Under (got it confused with Medium that one time, Grue ^.^;;;) . Why is everyone jizzing all over this show? Is it something I "need" to watch the way I supposedly "need" to watch Glee?
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My gmail's been sending out mail linking to emiliyauxeadomed at blogspot. I've changed my password, run a virus scan, and thrown Malwarebytes at the problem. Hopefully, it'll fix it. It ought to, but I'm nervous. Keep in mind, I'll never send you a link without explaining exactly what's in it, and probably in great detail. Also, I'll sign my name.

I'm very sorry about this, everyone.

In the meantime, here are some safe links for you.

The Vitamin String Quartet covers Lady Gaga Not all of her songs, but the more popular/well known ones. Their rendition of "Eh Eh" and "Alejandro" are great favorites of mine.
The Vitamin String Quartet
Most of 'em ripped by me, but one of them I actually bought! That one was "House of Cards", a song I have never heard in the original version, but love in this version. I have not decided yet if I want to hear the original version because I like not knowing the lyrics.

NPR's Top 25 Songs of 2008 I haven't listened to all of the songs yet. I tried, but got stuck on "White Winter Hymnal", which is just... unf.

NPR's Top 30 Songs of 2009: To call one’s self “weird” or “odd” is re-e-eally pretentious for a Klosterman of reasons, but I know I have weird tastes in music. It doesn’t follow much of a pattern. I’m picky, and I don’t know if anyone would like my current favorite songs.

Except for people who listen to NPR! In 2009, I downloaded the NPR top thirty songs of 2009 and I’m still blown away by all of them.
*I’d never play “Sleepyhead” or “Knotty Pine” for anyone because I have a hard time imagining I’m not the only one that doesn’t find the voices irritating
*Wilco (The Song) and Heads Will Roll sound like they’d be boring, but they’re wonderful
*I can’t even listen to French Navy because it makes me so happy that it hurts
*They grow on you. I wasn’t sure about Summertime Clothes, but it’s growing on me. Suspect I might’ve just psyched myself into it.
*Andrew Bird’s “Oh No” is another one of those songs that depresses me but I keep going back to it.

This is the best music collection since “Before These Crowded Streets”.Shaddap, I like Dave Matthews Band
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Foaming Rabid Canon Thumper(HP) :
1. An individual with the irrational, obsessive paranoia that somewhere on Earth, there is a person deriving happiness from the idea of a romantic relationship between Harry and Hermione.
2. An individual with the irrational, obsessive paranoia that somewhere on Earth, there is a person deriving happiness from the idea of a romantic relationship between a pairing that J.K Rowling has not confirmed as Canon either in books or interviews.

I reach out to the rabids here and ask a simple question- what is it to you? What is it to you if someone likes Harry and Hermione? You have gotten your way. Is it not enough? Do you not understand that at this point you anger is literally nothing more than being upset* because someone else might be happy?

I've invited a few people here to comment, but I swear on all that is holy that I will do everything I can think of to stop this from becoming a war zone, even if it means throwing my hands up and saying "fine". There's no wrong way to ship (in this post) but can't we try to be civil? I know we can. Just look at Harp and Heron!

Ships are about the love between two (or more) characters. Shipping is about getting together with people who think the same way and enjoying your similar interests together. Real fans celebrate their ship with fun and sharing "squee" because their enjoyment is independent of the kid down the block liking another ship.

The people I am seeing are people who can do nothing but make the fandom into a pissing contest. There is no enjoyment, only competition. They belittle not only people ("Delusional!") but concepts that could possibly make these people happy (such as a simple eight second dance scene). They only get pleasure from their ship by picking it up and using it to beat up another ship. They are not fans in any sense of the word.

*Note: I will gladly and without question accept and not argue with "I just like being cruel and nasty to people who don't share my ship views" because I appreciate the honesty

Also, I don't care if "so-and-so started it back in 1942". The wars are over; we all know what's canon, and that's just the way it is whether you got your way or not.

P.S- Free quick-and-dirty art in this post to anyone who wants it, regardless of ship
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I'm so happy October is here! Best month ever! Iunno what I like about it, but I have a feeling it has a lot to do with the moving or the letter O or the creeeeeeepy or the Halloween. Or the Scorpio, the pumpkins, the Orange, or the pretty fall colors. Either way I'm gonna...

~ Finally mail out the October Surprise (wish me luck, loves)
~ Continue learning ASL (I can do yes, no, name, like, dislike, and most of the letters)
~ Mooooooooooooove
~ Meme this journal, meme it inside out
~ Visit [ profile] ontdcreepy a lot more
~ Get fearless

Some old art that I drew with a pencil in 2007, re-found, and colored digitally but forgot to put up. Art with pencil first + Scan + digi color = <3

In the meantime, you want to be the second commenter on my journal. You do.

Oh- and who wants to pick an episode of the 1995/2000 remake of The Outer Limits, watch it on Hulu with me and discuss it?
(I love the episode "First Anniversary" so much)

Unexpected accidents and deaths having occurred during the test, the Ebonites—who are, actually, a peaceful and honorable alien civilization—eventually ask for such an immoral and inhuman experimentation to end at once, but nonetheless fail in preventing one last man to be fatally killed...
-Wiki synopsis of the episode Nightmare

I was killed once! But it wasn't fatally.
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When I was in Women’s Studies class, I did an assignment that had me studying the advertising in porn magazines- not Popular ones, but ones that were... what do you call it, independently owned? They weren’t published locally (probably?), but I did go to school in the Midwest in a town that had about 800 people, so I’m guessing that the customers were predominantly white men. Maybe a few college students.

I recall that day well. My friend Dan Norris drove me to Book World and said that he wasn't going in with me.

"Because I don't want to be standing next to someone who looks like a twelve year old while looking at porn." he said.
P0rn and Nostalgia )

Anyway, here’s my fun beta question: Chances are you have something... oh... fetishizable about you. What is it? Yes, yes, I know that anything can be fetishized, but I mean something in the niche market- big feet, bear-like, ethnic background, height, something. And how do you feel about the fact that you're fetishized for this? How do you feel about the hypothetical person who is all "unf" for you and what do you think of them (remember- they aren't the same thing!)?

I want to post this up in a discussion community, but I want to beta it here first so that someone can tell me how to re-word it.

I suspect, on reflecting a little, that it might be off-putting question to some people. I say "suspect" and "some people" because I honestly don't see a problem with it. Is that because it's not offensive or because I'm desensitized to being fetishized? In the case of the latter, do people have a right to get angry with me for asking, or is it like the human getting offended by the talking dog from the puppy mill asking "which one of your kids do you think would cry the most pitifully if they were taken away from you suddenly and without warning as infants?"

If you know what I mean.

I think I've got... two? Three glaringly obvious things to be fetishized for? I look like a loli/shota, I wear glasses, and I'm a vampire.
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