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[livejournal.com profile] dancingcarrot21 posted a meme about Fandoms as Lovers, and the answer to the question about the cruel lover was, for her The Harry Potter Fandom!!!. She ranted beautifully, and when I went to comment, it was so darned lengthy that I made it into a post instead. I suggest... no, I ask you very kindly to skip this entry if you aren't familiar with the moldy, scum-and ejaculate-covered locker room shower drain of the Harry Potter fandom. It's wanky, rabid, and the truth is, unless you were in the forums during the release of OotP through Deathly Hallows, it's really not going to make any sense to you. Really, it doesn't make sense, but when you're in it, for those few hours, it makes a world of sense. To put it into internet terms, "it was srs bznss at the time!"

Instead, please enjoy the latest Harpsiccord Entry about the morgue. Or Fill out the RPer Friending Meme if you haven't! You don't have to be looking for a game to fill it out.

Carrot (and everyone else who did a tour on LJ, FictionAlly, and Journalfen), lets get ranty. P.S- Carrot if you want me to delete your quote or use a different one, tell me.
Fandom is a Battlefield )
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I'm seriously thinking about removing [livejournal.com profile] bottom_draco and [livejournal.com profile] hpstoryfinders from my friend list and de-friending them.

For Bottom_D, every single story is H/D, without fail. I thought it was supposed to be about variety and creativity! Sure, it's a popular pairing. Sure there's no accounting for the people that join posting what they just happen to like. But Jesus, it's like nobody wants to post a thing that isn't H/D. There are plenty of other pairings to resort to, my OTP (Ron Draco forever, a-ha-men) excluded. Oliver/Draco? Percy/Draco? Twins/Draco! Snape/Draco, even! Where the fuck is the Snape/Draco? Oh, right- coupled with H/D.

And on and on... )

The Fandom's stagnating. All that'll be left in a few years will be SS/HP, SS/HG, and R/HR. How I miss the golden days of fanfiction.

But I'm just being pessimistic and annoyed. There are still plenty of communities out there where the same old is not permitted. I just have to find it.

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Less is More for eating food for under a dollar a day without resorting to junk or skipping meals.


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