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I don't know if it's LJ or my computer that's doing this whole "Comment Not Posted! Page Could Not Be Displayed! U MAD?" thing. I suspect it's compy.

Year and a half on T and my voice has finally cut on the male edge. I admit that at the moment, I'm not above exploiting my status of one foot on each side. Not in a way that would hurt or deprive anyone of anything, but in little ways, such as not correcting people who are likely only being nice to what appears to be an adorable college freshman girl or pulling out the baritone when unwanted (always male) attention of the flirty sort (regardless of sex or gender, if it's attention of that sort, it's never welcome) jumps in. Mostly, I think this is the "wadda ya suppose that is?" stage, and I don't mind.

Any of you New Yorkers feel like going out somewhere? I don't care where we go, but there's so much of the city that I'm not seeing. Museums, planetarium, who knows what else? Trapeze school! Did you know we have one?

I also need to find a fairly bohemian place to peddle my dream interp, 'cause Washington Square Park doesn't seem to do it. One more try (with the rainbow umbrella this time) then we shall we try the F Train Stop on a Friday. Columbus Circle? Union Square Park? Absolutely.

The Love Affair of the red hair continues )
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But First you have to sit through my Drawin'... )

That's not watcha came here for. You came here for
The Roleplayer Friending (:D) Meme

Copy-Pasta this code into the comments and fill out. Erase any questions you don’t want to answer. Read the other comments. Comment on others' comments. Chatter and spam my journal talking to one-another. Come back whenever you like. Pick up new RPers. Make friends. I am excite.

There is no such thing as “late” to this meme, so don’t even.

Edit: I forgot to ask you for your genres and the editor was being a sunuva, so... I've added that now.

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Two Special Ladies

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 07:00 pm
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*Met Roy Blount Jr. on Tuesday, and boy was I nervous. He signed my external hard drive and my book, and I gave him a gift- a little Russ puppy (stuffed). His book is really entertaining so far. Red, I think you'd really like it.

*There's an entry about my first day as a mortician's assistant in [livejournal.com profile] harpsiccord and there'll be a second one soon, hopefully.

*Growin' some radishes in the woods. Don't know what to do with them when they're done, so I'll probably leave them out for the woodland creatures.

*There'll be a Roleplayer Friending Meme here tomorrow, so stop by and pick up a new RP partner or two.

My friend [livejournal.com profile] cursedangel 's journal entries have been really sad recently, so I drew a picture of our RP characters. They've never met (we've never RPed) but they'd get along. They're both atypical females (anatomically speaking) but I don't think they let that get them down.
Sully and Bailey )
And here's just Bailey.

((The shirt wasn't as much of a pain as I thought it'd be!)

Execution Style

Monday, April 11th, 2011 03:49 pm
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This entry describing semi recent developments is

1) To commemorate the one year anniversary of The Undead Odd Couple
2) For [livejournal.com profile] sophiaplease, because every time we meet up, s/he lets me talk for five years and we never get anything done.
3) For the others of you that have a mild interest in mein RPJizzle (*Looks at Ninja*)
4) Heavy on the gifs and intentionally bad shooping. If you collect gifs, please come in and take all you want.
5) Because smiles are good medicine.

Suffer, The Children )

I can't imagine there's anything to discuss, but since I have no other way to tell who read this, hit the comment button and leave an emoticon with some kinda face you made in the last three hours, plz.
Or gift me with your gifs!
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*Roy Blount Jr. will be at the Barnes and Nobles on May 17th! You better believe I'll be there to see him and get something signed. I might bring him a gift, too, if I can think of one. He's my very favorite pannelist on Wait Wait.

*Went to Evolution, bought a squid preserved in a jar of alcohol. He's my pet now :)

*Applying to mortuary school nearly complete. The medical forms require more shots, which is a right (expensive) pain. Got a tetanus shot, which did not hurt as much as I thought it would. Which is to say, it did not hurt at all.

*But! I finally hit on the way to write my essay! I just have to sit in the woods to do it. Funny story there- walking back after eleven, I hear something walking. Nervously, I stopped to listen, wondering what kinda scary thing it could be. What should come up about two feet from me and pause? Why a cute li'l skunk!
Of course, I just stayed still and waited for it to move, which it did after a minute. Wish I could've seen it better. I do believe this was my first ever encounter with a skunk.

*Texted Jeffie. Asked him if he thought I was secretive. He wrote back "um... YES", becoming another person on the list. This has elevated itself to meme status here in Harp!World. NC loves, why didn't anybody tell me they thought I was secretive before? And what is it that you want to know? I'm opening this post up to questions, because I just don't get what I'm hiding. I'll try to answer the questions as honestly as I can. The worst that'll happen will be that I'll give a joke answer and realize "oh... that's what they mean."

*LJ! Y U no work good? That Denial of Service attack was some kinda pain. Yet it never occurred to me to go to Facebook... haven't been there in a while. Guess I should go check on things.

*Oh, right, Tyler Tagged me so there's that. I answered these already, but I then re-answered some because my first answers were from a bad mood.

*Been drawing like a mad eejit lately. The most recent one was gift!art to an online friend from France. It's my favorite Femmeslash pairing (Hermione/Lavender) but it's kinky and naughty, so even though I love how it came out, I uploaded it to TinyPic and it's only available on request. Don't want people thinking things...

Anyway, here's some art. It's all Vampire RPG Fan Art since I had a list of art ideas for it.
It Sucks to be Undead )

Hey Flist, tell me some things!
~What fandom have you been spending a lot of time in lately?
~For those of you that RP (any kind), do you have folders or playlists dedicated to certain games? I've had one for every game since last year.
~Telephones and you: please tell me about it. Any of you get phone call anxiety?
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-Chicago was determined to spit on me as much as earthly possible before I left and make my trip home a real bitch. On the way to the train station )

- Don't Panic- there are still only 2 ships in the Harry Potter world and if you don't sail on one, you are on the other, even if you don't know it. (H P Fandom, Y U No use brains? DA-Birds, Y U No understand humor?)

- [livejournal.com profile] heron_advocate, when's your gifting day (the day we give you gifts)? You should request some art. It's more productive.

- City day Tuesday: Catching up with Zero, going to hospital (:DDD), picking up Rx

- While I was on the train, I drew Ackley, my serial killer character from The Hitchhiker Diaries RP (;n;). S'not done yet, but it's fun.

Let's Meme!

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 04:55 pm
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Finally I got this thing done. Been working on it (on and off... ahem) since the end of October. Ain't that a bitch?

Pannel Commentary )

7.) -You just know he's been waiting years for this day. Just don't think about when the rest of the house wakes up and wonders why there's a patient, dripping wet dhampir on the porch wanting to be let in. Worst. Birthday. Evar.
-(If you ask me, I think Ivan's just peeved because there's another handsome in the house He Jelly)
-If you get the reference then ILU and you're awesome. If you don't, then I'm very not awesome. (Protip: It has something to do with traveling)
- Kid hasn't uttered a word, and yet I really got to liking him during drawing. How much can you gleam of a personality just from drawing? Iunno, but I get a "patient, polite, cheerful, quiet" vibe from the kid, which is saying something considering the role models he'd have growing up- Crankypants, Bossyboots, Blabbermouth, and ... Sapphira. Maybe there is hope. Alas, there is no place in the RP word for a Dhampir-Tentacled boy.


Thursday, January 6th, 2011 02:14 am
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May Third )
“No?” he grinned cheekily, “I'm not much of a screamer.”

The two started snickering again, and another high five was exchanged.

“I think you should practice the ID one,” Joe decided, “We'll roleplay! You can pretend I'm the bouncer.”


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