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Harpsiccord:I gotta google that first so I can remember
NopeNopeNopeNope not googling nothing from our talks ever again nopenopenope I ended up in the weird part of Amazon.com
TehTyrarr: LOL
what did you find
Harpsiccord: I don't wanna tell you or you will hate cereal
TehTyrarr: ....
Harpsiccord: No...
Bad fiction.
Now /anyone/ can write it.
Harpsiccord: Ok, not bad, I take it back
Just... really... self indulgent.
Harpsiccord: Started there anyway.
Thanks to "customers also viewed this" I ended up at titles such as "There's a Demon in My Butt!" and
Harpsiccord: and holy SHIT there are a /LOT/ of stories about "human dairies"
DaFuq man DaFUQ
I half wanna read one just to know what the hell kinda narrative is in them
And half of the descriptions involve "special potion"

What Harp and Tyrarr Saw )

Smells Like Garbage!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 10:17 pm
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This is a reply to a friend's entry about the "book" series Fifty Shades of Twatlight Fanfiction written by a Despie Loser For Whom the Guillotine Would Be Too Swift. I mean Fifty... no. Not going to sully my page by writing that here.

For those of you familiar with the BS series 50SoG, I encourage you to comment with your thoughts on the series. A good long cathartic complaint.

My Reply to our thread )

English Major Hack

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 08:32 pm
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This entry is tl;dr bo-ring me ranting about Anatomy I class, so instead, why don't you LOL at some RP inside(ish) jokes?

Feel it, Breathe it, Believe it, And you'll be walking on air )


Thursday, August 4th, 2011 12:33 pm
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Promise I'll get back to my drawing and links and fun things next post. This one's sort of important.

While I don’t know what most of you look like, I can think of only three perople on my Flist who might relate to what I’m saying (because I’ve spoken to them directly about it). I swear that the entry’s only reason for existing is to say this- “Here are some downsides I’ve noticed regarding my weight”.
I mean, I'd like it if someone on my flist read this and for the first time got to open up and have a happy!bitching session about being skinny, and I'd like it if someone read this and it reaffirmed a "healthy is the real ideal" (or "thin isn't a rose garden") mentality, but I'm keeping the goals real here. And even though this is my journal, if I said something you thought was wrong, tell me. I tried not to use the word "fat" because... Iunno, it kinda feels like a "that's our word" kinda thing.

The last thing I want this entry to look like is this. Hell yes I’m asexual. Hell no, I don’t think I’m “oppressed”. I know I’ve got it pretty good as far as sexualities and genetics. I know that the unkind remarks made about my weight are really lacking. I know that there are plenty of people that wish they had my “problem” of having long bouts of disliking food.

Harpsiccord journal entry explaining the dangerous/emotional side of my weighty issue. Click it if you get too mad at this entry.

About Being a Slenderman )
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But First you have to sit through my Drawin'... )

That's not watcha came here for. You came here for
The Roleplayer Friending (:D) Meme

Copy-Pasta this code into the comments and fill out. Erase any questions you don’t want to answer. Read the other comments. Comment on others' comments. Chatter and spam my journal talking to one-another. Come back whenever you like. Pick up new RPers. Make friends. I am excite.

There is no such thing as “late” to this meme, so don’t even.

Edit: I forgot to ask you for your genres and the editor was being a sunuva, so... I've added that now.

Edit #2: Roving Commentary )

Execution Style

Monday, April 11th, 2011 03:49 pm
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This entry describing semi recent developments is

1) To commemorate the one year anniversary of The Undead Odd Couple
2) For [livejournal.com profile] sophiaplease, because every time we meet up, s/he lets me talk for five years and we never get anything done.
3) For the others of you that have a mild interest in mein RPJizzle (*Looks at Ninja*)
4) Heavy on the gifs and intentionally bad shooping. If you collect gifs, please come in and take all you want.
5) Because smiles are good medicine.

Suffer, The Children )

I can't imagine there's anything to discuss, but since I have no other way to tell who read this, hit the comment button and leave an emoticon with some kinda face you made in the last three hours, plz.
Or gift me with your gifs!
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-Chicago was determined to spit on me as much as earthly possible before I left and make my trip home a real bitch. On the way to the train station )

- Don't Panic- there are still only 2 ships in the Harry Potter world and if you don't sail on one, you are on the other, even if you don't know it. (H P Fandom, Y U No use brains? DA-Birds, Y U No understand humor?)

- [livejournal.com profile] heron_advocate, when's your gifting day (the day we give you gifts)? You should request some art. It's more productive.

- City day Tuesday: Catching up with Zero, going to hospital (:DDD), picking up Rx

- While I was on the train, I drew Ackley, my serial killer character from The Hitchhiker Diaries RP (;n;). S'not done yet, but it's fun.
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Have you gotten a chance to listen to Lady Gaga's new song?
I sure have. (Excess stuff is behind the cuts; feel free to skip)

I felt like Lady Gaga wrote it just for the rainbow crowd. She did, of course, but I mean as a gift to us.
Society + Gay = OTP )

Because of all of that, at some point in my mind I twisted "Born This Way" into something it was never meant to be. I wasn't thinking of it as a song at all, but as a weapon.
Rainbow Ray Gun! )

I wasn't thinking of myself or my musical tastes, but about what other people would say and think. I count three ironies.

The lyrics leaked a few days ago. I read them and instantly I was apprehensive. I mean, even I couldn't ignore how... how "in your face" they looked. Oh, Gaga, how can you make this work? I thought. I wasn't excited. I was disappointed by how heavy-handed it was. How would this be received?

As it dawned on me that I'd have to listen to it, too, I began to feel afraid of how much I'd like it. My musical tastes vary, but if I don't like a song, it'll take an act of severe psychology for me to give it a second try. If I didn't like Born This Way, I'd have to wait another lifetime to get another mainstream radio-played song that mentioned GLB explicitly. And I could just forget about hearing a song which says "transgender".

Why this song was so important )

Finally, as I tried to draw, I thought "screw it, don't save it. If you build it up, it'll never live up to your own hype."[2] So I played it for the first time.

My eyes were tearing up. Not kidding.

There's nothing to say about the song as far as I'm concerned. I don't want to build it up or try to sell it to people who have not heard it. Hell, I don't even want to sell it to people who heard it and find that it isn't pleasing to their ears because of their musical tastes.

I like it. It's relevant to me. Therefore, this song is for me. That's all.

I will say that reading the lyrics cold and judging the song based on just that (even if you plan to change your mind and give it a chance after) is a bad idea, and I regret my impatience. With the music, it makes so. Much. Sense.[3]

A lot of the fans on [livejournal.com profile] thehausofgaga were disappointed with the song, which I understand. It's more happy, more 90's pop, and that doesn't sound good to everyone's ears. And heck, there are a lot of Gaga's songs that are popular that I just don't like (like all but four of "The Fame Monster"...). I feel really sorry for the fans who were disappointed in it because I saw how long they waited and how excited they were. Letdowns suck. It's not as though they can help not liking it. We can't choose what we like (as Gaga said!).

Hey... y'know, I just realized that if I hadn't liked this song, I wouldn't have disappointed her! Even if it was a gift! 'Cause the gift is saying "you don't choose what you like, you just happen to like it because that's how you are!"

Oh, Gaga, you brilliant Mama Monster who loves us all so! I probably won't like a few songs on the new album either :3

That being said, there will be people that I'll have to defend this song to. Not the ones who say "I don't like this song" but the people who have commentary beyond "it's not my musical style."
Warning- If you're on my Friends List, NONE of this applies to you. ) As for me? The song helps me. I like it and when I'm upset, I'll probably need it. And I'm not the only one who feels that way. Dislike Born This Way all you want, but please keep it at "I don't like it ". Remarks about the lyrics being "bad" are about as called for as taking the "I believe in and love you" note someone's parent/guardian put into his backpack and saying "this is drivel".

[1]First idiot who says "What about Katy Perry?" in seriousness and isn't trolling (who doesn't love a good lol Trolling?) about it is going to get an earful. Seriously- love it or hate it, if you don't understand that "I Kissed a Girl" is offensive, you need to ask someone.
[2] By the way, let me say that on reflection this is the kind of song that shouldn't be built up. Ever. It's a song that should find someone who needs it. If it's built up, it won't work. You need to be alone and it just come on. Then it's just like a needed voice telling you "hey, look, you're ok. ... And shoot, I am really glad it didn't find me like that. If I was feeling miserable about my issues and turned on the radio and this came on and I heard it for the first time, I'd cry hard.
[3]I'm glad I read the lyrics first because i would've been actual crying if I didn't know already what was coming somewhat. Though I wouldn't understand half of what she was saying.
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My sleep schedule is fecked and nothing ever looks as good as it did the night before. I wondered where my patience (recent thing) had gone, and then I realized just where (you know, Jack). Rrrgh.

I'm sorry my Northland lovers, but I've expanded my job search. Now I'm looking for hospital jobs in New York as well. Also considering Mortuary school very, very hard after speaking to a mortician who very strongly recommended I go to Worsham.
No1curr LOL )

Doesn't look as bad as it did a few seconds ago...

*"if it makes you happy/is what you want" doesn't count as a thought XP
** Before you ask, FFS, no I have not ever seen Six Feet Under (got it confused with Medium that one time, Grue ^.^;;;) . Why is everyone jizzing all over this show? Is it something I "need" to watch the way I supposedly "need" to watch Glee?
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I'm probably late as flip on this. Forgive me; I generally get my news from Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me about a week late. You've probably heard about the flooding in Queensland already.

Thing is, I've got a frie- a bro out there in one of the tinier towns and I'm really worried. Not just about her, but about her husband, her step-daughter, her fish (they're her darlings), and her neighbor boy that she's really good friends with. Really worried about neighbor-boy, actually. I just looked on one of the maps and it looks like her town was hit pretty hard.

I should've known- her last post on the 3rd was talking about the non-stop rain and how people were having to fly to work. Though in a way, I should be happy, I guess. If she knew how bad it was on the third, maybe it means she and her family were getting flood preparation in place by then. She's got one of the quickest minds I've ever encountered, and as for planners, you couldn't find better ones outside of trained pros.

'Course I'm just saying the things I want someone else to say to me. I'm so worried. Even if she's ok, I'm wondering about that neighbor boy.

Yeah, so...if you're able to send a donation, any at all, won't you? For the people whose own "Grue"(s) aren't so fortunate or resourceful or tactical practical. But money's really tight right now, so if all you can spare are really, really powerful good thoughts, that's good, too.

Walking the Ghost

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 04:56 am
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I encourage all of you fellas to join me here so that I can know what you're reading/listening to. You're all always reading wonderful things. Friend me once you join!

At the moment, I'm really, really enjoying Paul is Undead. At first, I was annoyed with the awesomesauce zombies, but I got over it as soon as Paul started pounding on John's door and demanding he "take his medicine" and John shouted at him to "shut your gob". I think I love this book. Made me love George "Pisces Fish" Harrison even more (he's adorable). Made me want to become a zombie!

Art from my R.P "Walking the Ghost" set in a town in 1977. My partner, J.M, plays Mrs. Williams, a 50 year old immortal... thing. She can dissolve into a pool of sentient blood. She only needs a little bit of her to make the shape of a human, so most of her (practically a lake of blood) is in the basement of her boarding house.

I play James Cupid, grad student at the Grove Center for Paranormal Investigation majoring in hex, jinx, and curse studies. He has mild paper-based tactile ESP, meaning that when he touches paper, he can feel the emotions left behind by the last person that had contact with it.

Relentless, yes, it's true; My motormouth runs over you )

Are you joining? Join faster.
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I'm so happy October is here! Best month ever! Iunno what I like about it, but I have a feeling it has a lot to do with the moving or the letter O or the creeeeeeepy or the Halloween. Or the Scorpio, the pumpkins, the Orange, or the pretty fall colors. Either way I'm gonna...

~ Finally mail out the October Surprise (wish me luck, loves)
~ Continue learning ASL (I can do yes, no, name, like, dislike, and most of the letters)
~ Mooooooooooooove
~ Meme this journal, meme it inside out
~ Visit [livejournal.com profile] ontdcreepy a lot more
~ Get fearless

Some old art that I drew with a pencil in 2007, re-found, and colored digitally but forgot to put up. Art with pencil first + Scan + digi color = <3

In the meantime, you want to be the second commenter on my journal. You do.

Oh- and who wants to pick an episode of the 1995/2000 remake of The Outer Limits, watch it on Hulu with me and discuss it?
(I love the episode "First Anniversary" so much)

Unexpected accidents and deaths having occurred during the test, the Ebonites—who are, actually, a peaceful and honorable alien civilization—eventually ask for such an immoral and inhuman experimentation to end at once, but nonetheless fail in preventing one last man to be fatally killed...
-Wiki synopsis of the episode Nightmare

I was killed once! But it wasn't fatally.

Sour Times

Monday, December 14th, 2009 02:00 pm
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If you see this, take a happy thought, concentrate on it for exactly 60 seconds, then think "For Daniel Phelan- get well". Trust me, please. Think of it as a patronus if it helps.

It's kinda hard to think of happy thoughts right now, but don't force them. A little one will grow.

If tablet was not in the shop, I'd do some kind of... some kind of scribble. Father Ted and Father Dougal filling in here.
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I'm seriously thinking about removing [livejournal.com profile] bottom_draco and [livejournal.com profile] hpstoryfinders from my friend list and de-friending them.

For Bottom_D, every single story is H/D, without fail. I thought it was supposed to be about variety and creativity! Sure, it's a popular pairing. Sure there's no accounting for the people that join posting what they just happen to like. But Jesus, it's like nobody wants to post a thing that isn't H/D. There are plenty of other pairings to resort to, my OTP (Ron Draco forever, a-ha-men) excluded. Oliver/Draco? Percy/Draco? Twins/Draco! Snape/Draco, even! Where the fuck is the Snape/Draco? Oh, right- coupled with H/D.

And on and on... )

The Fandom's stagnating. All that'll be left in a few years will be SS/HP, SS/HG, and R/HR. How I miss the golden days of fanfiction.

But I'm just being pessimistic and annoyed. There are still plenty of communities out there where the same old is not permitted. I just have to find it.

Four food related blogs:

EpiCute for Cute food
Of the Princess Manifesto
Pioneer Woman Cooks
Less is More for eating food for under a dollar a day without resorting to junk or skipping meals.
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