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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 10:17 pm
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This is a reply to a friend's entry about the "book" series Fifty Shades of Twatlight Fanfiction written by a Despie Loser For Whom the Guillotine Would Be Too Swift. I mean Fifty... no. Not going to sully my page by writing that here.

For those of you familiar with the BS series 50SoG, I encourage you to comment with your thoughts on the series. A good long cathartic complaint.

My Reply to our thread )
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My gmail's been sending out mail linking to emiliyauxeadomed at blogspot. I've changed my password, run a virus scan, and thrown Malwarebytes at the problem. Hopefully, it'll fix it. It ought to, but I'm nervous. Keep in mind, I'll never send you a link without explaining exactly what's in it, and probably in great detail. Also, I'll sign my name.

I'm very sorry about this, everyone.

In the meantime, here are some safe links for you.

The Vitamin String Quartet covers Lady Gaga Not all of her songs, but the more popular/well known ones. Their rendition of "Eh Eh" and "Alejandro" are great favorites of mine.
The Vitamin String Quartet
Most of 'em ripped by me, but one of them I actually bought! That one was "House of Cards", a song I have never heard in the original version, but love in this version. I have not decided yet if I want to hear the original version because I like not knowing the lyrics.

NPR's Top 25 Songs of 2008 I haven't listened to all of the songs yet. I tried, but got stuck on "White Winter Hymnal", which is just... unf.

NPR's Top 30 Songs of 2009: To call one’s self “weird” or “odd” is re-e-eally pretentious for a Klosterman of reasons, but I know I have weird tastes in music. It doesn’t follow much of a pattern. I’m picky, and I don’t know if anyone would like my current favorite songs.

Except for people who listen to NPR! In 2009, I downloaded the NPR top thirty songs of 2009 and I’m still blown away by all of them.
*I’d never play “Sleepyhead” or “Knotty Pine” for anyone because I have a hard time imagining I’m not the only one that doesn’t find the voices irritating
*Wilco (The Song) and Heads Will Roll sound like they’d be boring, but they’re wonderful
*I can’t even listen to French Navy because it makes me so happy that it hurts
*They grow on you. I wasn’t sure about Summertime Clothes, but it’s growing on me. Suspect I might’ve just psyched myself into it.
*Andrew Bird’s “Oh No” is another one of those songs that depresses me but I keep going back to it.

This is the best music collection since “Before These Crowded Streets”.Shaddap, I like Dave Matthews Band
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Yesterday on [ profile] ontdcreepy's Free For All post, I asked people to challenge me to draw pokemon as intoxicated human Hogwarts students. It was way too much fun. I tried to color them the way Ken Sugimori colors.

Colliding Kiss asked for Hufflepuff Gengar )

Nekonezume asked for Ludicolo Slytherin )

Teira wanted Clefairy in Slytherin )

I had so much fun that I implore you to either do one of your own or give me a Pokemon and a Hogwarts House to draw next.


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