Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

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Except I have not been using anything. All I was doing was getting fed up with this music that's been playing in my head and finally decided to Google it. I was surprised at how easily I found it- the commercial for Stetson Cologne.

I only remember it as a radio commercial.

According to the comments, this commercial came out in 1990, so around the time when I was still in day care. I tried to think back to what had been going on for me back then, and this stoner-azz thought came:
And there was the time our dad and uncle put together this plastic play kitchen thing for us... vague memory of bringing them plastic blocks and us saying something about "we made you food to say thank you"... God, second hand embarrassment. What was I thinking? Well, I guess we were young and couldn't exactly do anything... so it was more symbolic than anything. So... when little kids do those things, it's a symbolic representation of wanting to give. Because they have to attach it to something physical because of their limited perception... But then they get older and... is gift giving mostly a behavior learned from society, or is it a kind of self-taught Pavlovian association that's left over, but mostly forgotten when we're old enough to be "expected to be able to" give more? So a diamond necklace really isn't different from a Fruit Loops necklace...

When I get to the end, I realize, miserably, that everyone else in the world has already figured this out and reduced it to "it's the thought that counts" a million years ago. This is why I consider myself "a slow learner".

Unrelated note, I love reading other people's reactions to this video, so I'm leaving some of them here
City Kev (He makes a good point)
ToledoTopher (hilarious interpretation)

Hahahaha! Do you remember that Christmas Commercial for Stetson cologne/toilet water de peu? Sounds like it's making it easy for you to fit into your new life in TX.

Nothing like cheap cologne to thaw the frozen snot out of your nose.

These two had the similar experience to me, in that we didn't know it was for cologne until we googled the commercial.
And finally, The Retroist


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